Repointing and Repair

                               Traditional Lime Mortar
                                Matching and Supply

Reem Construction Corp.offers its tuck pointing or repointing and other traditional masonry
building services to people who appreciate the importance of restoring older and often historic
brick and stone buildings correctly.  Using materials, techniques and tools that are compatible
with the long term health of traditional building systems.  Today’s traditional building philosophy
incorporates recent advances in the field of historic preservation, a concern for using
sustainable and ecologically sound, non toxic materials in the repair of our living environment
while maintaining our communities architectural past.
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Reem Construction Corp, especially masonry restoration, is more time consuming, more
exacting and more old world... Modern masons use modern materials (portland cement)
to make a project go quickly but at the expense of creating an incompatibility in the
building system that will cause years of damage. Traditional masonry restoration in
contrast, attempts to create a virtually seamless repair using traditional materials as
close to those used originally in your building.  These repairs blend well with the
surrounding building, they stand the test of time and will not cause yet further damage
to your significant building.

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