The appeal of a well-maintained parking lot enhances the value of a building, shows pride of
ownership and yields happy tenants and employees. Property managers, visiting customers,
and the general public all value a property that is well kept.


Sealcoating slows pavement deterioration. A fresh sealcoat brings a new clean, rich look that
presents a positive image of the company, facility, or residential complex.

At Reem construction Corp, we thoroughly clean the asphalt pavement by using mechanical
blowers and brooms to make sure that all dirt and debris is completely removed. Next, we
sealcoat your pavement with a rubberized coal tar emulsion. We also add sand to create
less liability against slips and falls. In addition, we include an acrylic-based hardening
additive for additional strength and longevity. We then apply our sealcoating formula using a
first coat hand-squeegee process. The second coat will be machine-spray applied.


Crack preparation always involves cleaning the crack, but can also require widening the
crack. Singular cracks that are 1 inch and wider are thoroughly cleaned of all foreign matter
with an industrial air compressor. We then seal the crack using the state-of-the-art
oil-jacketed, cracksealing system with a rubberized hot-pour material.

Reem Construction Corp. is Tri-State's most experienced and creative resource for Asphalt.

*Parking Lots.
*Pot Holes(filled by Blacktop)

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